With new leadership at the helm, Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 is set to be as innovative and captivating as ever22553218 10156022712946842 49491911345670791 O

With new leadership at the helm, Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 is set to be as innovative and captivating as ever

Photos courtesy of Amsterdam Dance Event

As with any major event, new executive leadership inevitably leads to fresh perspective and change. Mariana Sanchotene prepares to take the reigns on October 1 as Amsterdam Dance Event’s new Director, succeeding Richard Zijlma, and it’s clear the 2018 edition of ADE will boast a new kind of luster. And that’s not the only notable change ADE is about to undergo; the festival and conference behemoth is officially transitioning out of its longtime relationship with promoter Buma Cultuur. For the first time ever, Amsterdam Dance Event will soon become an independent foundation.

In a sense, 2018 will mark the end of an era. Since its inception in 1995, both Amsterdam Dance Event and Buma Cultuur cultivated what eventually became the largest (and loudest) movement dance music has seen. While some argue ADE is a multi-day, 24-hour party, there’s so much more to unearth across its five-day lifespan. ADE is culture, technology, education, mentorship, sustainability, business, philanthropy and wellness – all bundled into one overarching event.

This year, South Korea is ADE’s 2018 focus country: it’s a fitting selection given it houses one of the most diverse and technically advanced music markets in the world. A dedicated pavilion will give visitors the chance to learn more about South Korea’s music scene, network and – for the lucky few – perhaps strike a new business deal.

Ahead of Amsterdam Dance Event 2018, we’ll highlight why it’s the most innovative, creative and multifarious dance music event in the world.

With new leadership at the helm, Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 is set to be as innovative and captivating as ever12184102 10153867102811842 1090826746640065255 OBridges for Music Cycling Tour

As part of ADE’s philanthropic efforts, the festival is offering attendees the chance to make a difference while traveling to Amsterdam for the annual affair. Brave souls are invited to join in on a bike tour from Berlin to Amsterdam to raise money for Bridges for Music, a non-profit that supports electronic music education and accessibility in developing countries.

ADE Hangover

Though access to ADE’s full range of day-into-night events doesn’t come without a price, Sunday’s free event, ADE Hangover, will make its second appearance in 2018. ADE Hangover, which is intended to be a designated R&R oasis, will offer live bands, DJs, art installations, an arcade, hot tubs and – for the first time ever – a sauna.

Audio Obscura

Revered for hosting parties in Amsterdam’s most unlikely locations, Audio Obscura will invite house and techno kingpins Charlotte de Witte and Joris Voorn to perform at Lil’ Amsterdam – a collection of 18 pop-up shops – inside the Amsterdam Central Station. The creative hub, which opened in August 2017, displays the best of art, culture, sustainable fashion and lifestyle. And in 2018, the space will be completely transformed into ADE’s newest and brightest stage.

With new leadership at the helm, Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 is set to be as innovative and captivating as ever12967951 10154298866276842 7182746240426827773 OADE Sound Lab

ADE not only provides a breadth of nighttime events to choose from, but also coveted opportunities for producers to have their music heard by the industry’s finest. ADE Sound Lab serves as the aspiring producer’s watering hole, brimming with A&R managers, artist managers, agents producers and event promoters. For those looking to get their music in the right hands, or simply brush up on their production chops, music lovers are encouraged to take advantage of ADE Sound Lab’s myriad resources including workshops, master classes and studio sessions, to name a few.

ADE Beats

ADE Beats – a slight departure from ADE’s signature underground and big room backbone – offers inspiring talks and networking sessions on the best of urban genres such as hip-hop and bass. Featuring representatives from Def Jam, Empire, Island Records and countless other labels, ADE Beats is a space for curiosity, learning and potential new business opportunities. Guest speakers include Bruce Carbone (A&R, Def Jam) and Alex Boateng (A&R, Island Records).

With new leadership at the helm, Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 is set to be as innovative and captivating as ever22829092 10156036941531842 7016738917993795239 OADE Health

ADE Health, a thoughtful initiative that provides a safe space for music fans and industry folk alike to discuss mental and physical health in the music industry, is slated to return in 2018. The session will facilitate an open conversation surrounding stress while on the road, and how to combat the negative impacts of being a musician in healthy and productive ways.

ADE Green

A pioneer in sustainability, innovation and social change, ADE Green will highlight the ways in which the music industry can take better care of our planet. From discussions on reducing plastic waste to how dancing can oftentimes spearhead a political movement, ADE Green will teach attendees how to incorporate small but impactful habits into their everyday lives. It will also showcase six startups on the bleeding edge of sustainable events, through products such as waterless female urinals and biodegradable tents.

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