Carmada duo split just days before UK tour beginsCarmada Stacey Queffert

Carmada duo split just days before UK tour begins

There’s never a good time for a breakup, but a split that comes just days before a multi-stop UK tour commences is particularly inopportune. One half of the electronic duo known asĀ Carmada, Drew Carmody took to Facebook today to notify fans that he would be “leaving Carmada indefinitely” to instead “focus on some exciting new things in the pipeline” for his solo alias, LDRU. Drew cited “creative” and “personal” divergence from fellow Carmada member, Max Armata, as a key motivator in his decision to remove himself from Carmada, and their rapidly approaching Club Carmada Tour expected to kick off on September 14 in Canberra.

“Carmada blew up far bigger and faster than we ever expected,” Drew wrote of the duo’s rapid success within electronic circles, “it’s signed up to some of our all-time favorite record labels, sent us on tours across the US playing festivals we’d never dreamt of,” Drew added. Although Drew expressed that he is “still friends” with Max, Drew maintains that his decision will mean “good things for everyone involved.”

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