Exclusive: Take flight with Koven’s out-of-this-world ‘Do You’ music videoReality Reach Sent Into Space Koven

Exclusive: Take flight with Koven’s out-of-this-world ‘Do You’ music video

On Reality Reach‘s release day, UK duo Koven did something completely out-of-this-world — they sent their EP into space.

After working with 100 fan-submitted vocals for “Voices,” the Monstercat artists have one-upped themselves once again. They partnered with Sent Into Space and Jägermeister to launch physical copies of their EP (along with Monstercat’s signature plushie) up high into the atmosphere.

To celebrate the package’s return from space, the pair have released a music video for the EP’s second track, “Do You.” The music video was created from the 360° footage of the package’s flight, showing the EP as it leaves the ground and sails for the heavens. As it ascends, viewers can observe the temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude it travels. At the height of the song, the balloon camera offers stunning footage of the Earth from miles above its surface, showing breathtaking views from above the clouds. As the song draws to a close, the package descends back to Earth, where it lands in a field just as the Katie Boyle’s vocals drift off.

Reality Reach isn’t the only body of music that’s been sent into space. Over the years, Sent Into Space has worked with Metallica, Kelvin Jones, and Mystery Jets to present their music to fans in a unique way.

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