Die Antwoord frontman makes pointed response to Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ dissDie Antwoord

Die Antwoord frontman makes pointed response to Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ diss

A rap album rarely arrives without a diss or two, and Eminem‘s 10 studio album was no exception. Eminem took aim at South African hip-hop group, Die Antwoord, on Kamikaze‘s second track, “Greatest.” Characteristically quickly spit, the verses that comprise the track contain a jab that is anything but thinly veiled. “Who the f*ck was I now Ninja try to duck my slugs/To let ya girl get f*cked by Muggs,” Eminem raps in a frontal address to the Die Antwoord frontman that suggests that Ninja’s current ex-wife and fellow Antwoord constituent, Yolanda Visser, was the “girl” to “get f*cked by Muggs,” the DJ for the California based hip-hop quartet, Cypress Hill.

Ninja and Visser appear alongside each other in a response video newly published to Die Antwoord’s YouTube channel. “It sounds like you missed us,” Visser states at the video’s opening. Ninja follows Visser’s remark with several short but nonetheless barbed verses that not only affirm the platonic nature of Ninja and Visser’s current relationship — as per Ninja, “Yolandi” is “not [his] girl, bra” — but burn Eminem’s approach.

“She’s just my best friend who loves me/And everybody knows Vissy dated Muggzy/Mad respect to my brother Muggs/Em you slipping/You used to rap better on drugs.” He later spits, “We bred these kids Em they ain’t giving no fucks/But they not feeling your rhymes or your botox,” Ninja concludes.

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