Dillon Francis’ Spanish-language project, ‘WUT WUT,’ is finally hereDillon Francis Thomas Falcone

Dillon Francis’ Spanish-language project, ‘WUT WUT,’ is finally here

For Dillon FrancisWUT WUT marks a return to the producer’s moombahton roots. Francis’ long-teased second full-length production, WUT WUT is noteworthy for its immersion in Spanish stylization. From Latin influence in WUT WUT’s beat arrangements to the album’s Spanish-language lyrics, WUT WUT marries Francis’ passion for moombahton constructions to his equally ardent and historied love of Spanish music, a match that makes for a distinctive and sonically explorative release.

Included among previously released WUT WUT tracks like “White Boi” and the Latin Grammy and Latin American Music Awards-nominated “Sexo” are a series of album constituents that scale the continuum of Latin crossover. “Ven” toes Latin trap territory, while other tracks like “Esta Noche” and “Never Let You Go” materialize as softer, Latin pop-leaning offerings. WUT WUT additionally boasts a number of high-profile features, with Happy Colors, De La Ghetto, Young Ash, Arcangel and more pitching in variant vocal contributions.

“When I was in Mexico promoting “We the Funk,” everyone was like, ‘Thank you so much for making music in Spanish, thank you for pushing the music.'” Francis recently told Rolling Stone. “That’s really what the whole project was about: to show people where I originally got [inspiration] from. Moombahton is reggaeton meets dance music, and that’s why I wanted to work with Spanish [-language] artists, so that people could understand that this is where the music came from. So if anything, I’m just trying to give back to where a lot of my success came from.”

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