Duke Dumont revives his ‘For Club Play Only’ series with ‘Runway’Duke Dumont White

Duke Dumont revives his ‘For Club Play Only’ series with ‘Runway’

Every year feels like a busy year for Duke Dumont — his music is always ubiquitous. But looking at the facts, 2018 has been a quiet year for British artist. His only original single of the year yet, “Inhale,” had long legs in remixing and pop radio play, but now he’s back to make sure we haven’t forgotten where his roots lie: in club-ready dance music.

Entitled “Runway (For Club Play Only, Pt 5),” the track’s name might automatically raise some questions, including where are parts 1-4? Well die hard Dumont fans will be able to tell you that, as it’s been nearly two years since the last installment of the series was released. Launched in 2012, the series delivers singles that cater to one place only, as advertised. The fifth iteration in this series is inspiring for a fierce dance floor strut, underlined with in your face basslines and classic house samples from Robbie Tronco’s 1990’s tracks “Runway as a House” and “Walk 4 Me.”

While the “For Club Play Only” series was rumored to have ended in 2016, its reprisal is assuring of its timelessness for the future.

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