Exclusive: Rebecca & Fiona school us on the ‘Art of Being A Girl’ [Album Stream]Rebecca Fiona

Exclusive: Rebecca & Fiona school us on the ‘Art of Being A Girl’ [Album Stream]

Eleven years have passed since Rebecca & Fiona merged into a global powerhouse act. Having bonded at a house party in 2007 over their shared interests in art and music, they began working together behind the decks for what would eventually translate into a successful career. Their breakout single “Luminary Ones” was released a few years after they came together, which netted immense success and spots on bills alongside Tiësto, Kaskade, Axwell, and others.

They’ve already fashioned two albums — I Love You Man, and 2014’s Beauty Is Pain. However, their third is something special. It’s titled Art of Being A Girl, and it embodies the next phase of their artistic evolution. The LP tells a tale of a break up —  in this case, a metaphorical mention of their break with their previous record label — and the following period of rebirth. Furthermore, it’s written entirely by the girls themselves, with a little help from producer Nibla to fully execute the tale they wished to tell.

The result is ten tracks which show a deeper side to Rebecca & Fiona. Rather than remain stuck in the past, the pair have taken a huge risk in joining indie label Stereo Stereo and exploring entire new realms of sound that serve to move their evolution along. Art of Being A Girl captivates throughout, adopting a more low-end approach to pop with bassier soundscapes and industrial accents. This is counterbalanced by their light voices, but at the same time, works due to the LP’s subject matter and their corresponding lyrics. They complete the project with two lighter offerings, “All I Ever Wanted,” and “Teenage Drama,” which define their moving on from the proverbial breakup they describe throughout the album, and the subsequent rediscovery of their own power.

Of Art of Being A Girl, Rebecca & Fiona state:

“This album means everything to us, it is to be considered a work of art. It is our heart. Breaking up and leaving everything behind is hard but from hardship comes great art, and we hope that this is the case with our new album. We stay hardcore. We stay artcore. Finishing this album has been a great challenge for us, maybe the biggest for us so far, as producers. But we are very happy and pleased and PROUD.”

Listen to the album ahead of its release — set for September 7 — and stay tuned for when it hits the digital shelves.



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