Flamingosis crafts pool party perfection with ‘Jet Skis & Hennesy’Flamingosis Jet Skis And Hennesy

Flamingosis crafts pool party perfection with ‘Jet Skis & Hennesy’

Brooklyn-based producer Flamingosis has submitted a strong case for summer all year long with the inarguably groovy “Jet Skis & Hennesy.” Drawing on influences ranging from Flying Lotus to J Dilla, the artist serves up his own blend of hip-hop and relaxed funk. “Jet Skis & Hennesy” is a standout from artist’s fresh full-length effort, Flight Fantastic.

The track opens with a laid-back jazzy intro, topped off with jazz guitar riffs that would sound right at home in a ’70s lounge. Out of nowhere, the guitar makes room for a full-on flute solo (eat your heart out, Ron Burgundy). The funk never lets up, skipping a breather breakdown for a reinvigorated jam section with bright horns and slinky slap bass. Flamingosis’ smooth sounds are here to say: those emails can wait – grab a cocktail and unwind poolside to this one.

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