Good Morning Mix: Rinzen enchants the Electric ForestRinzen GMM

Good Morning Mix: Rinzen enchants the Electric Forest

In 2017, Rinzen made his debut to the world. Two years later, he’d already landed a milestone opportunity: a slot at the legendary Michigan gathering known as the Electric Forest. The Insomniac-backed event has gathered major traction over time for its immersive programming, unique production, and a slew of edgier artists not often seen on other lineups by the brand. Rinzen was booked on a warm afternoon for a three o’clock set; a challenge for quite a few.

But, the ethereal forest setting proved a perfect amplifier of the atmosphere the LA talent and mau5trap family member often puts forward. He began the set with his own, “Belly Of The Beast,” which in itself feels like traversing an almost eerie setting akin to the one he was playing at. As the set picks up, it’s clear Rinzen knew how to play both his location and time with ease. His impeccable track selection is a mouth-watering selection of melodic house and techno, picking up speed and energy as it comes closer to its end in a seamless progression. To boot, he also threw in a brand new ID at the end, which fans are still waiting patiently to be given a name.

Glide smoothly into the day, courtesy of Rinzen’s top-notch mixing.

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