Jeff Mills talks history of the T-909 drum machineJeff Mills 909 1

Jeff Mills talks history of the T-909 drum machine

On September 9, audiophiles celebrated 909 day. What better way to celebrate the iconic drum machine than speaking with a pioneer of techno? Underground Resistance‘s own Jeff Mills, a king of the archetypal Roland TR-909 drum machine, took Mixmag through the history of the revolutionary machine. Mills is the perfect producer to talk about the product. For proof, watch his critically acclaimed Exhibitionist 2 documentary.

In the interview, Mills takes a deep-dive into his history with the 909. Readers find out how he discovered the legendary equipment, why he thought it was so special back then, its sounds, and his musical process. He mentions the pureness of sounds that come from the 909. There’s an art in its minimal nature, denoting there’s not a lot producers need to add to the sounds to make them sound great.

In 2017, Roland released a TR-09, a miniature and more affordable version of the original 909. Click here to read Jeff Mills’ full interview with Mixmag.

H/T: Mixmag

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