Lane 8’s ‘Little By Little’ remixes continue with Tinlicker’s take on ‘Clarify’Tinlicker Dancefair Masterclass

Lane 8’s ‘Little By Little’ remixes continue with Tinlicker’s take on ‘Clarify’

Tinlicker is the latest to get in on the extensive remixing of Lane 8‘s 2018 album, Little By Little. The Dutch duo whose futuristic progressive style has solidified them as creative, focused producers whose star is on the rise in their own right. Joining recent remixers Dirty South, Anderholm and Ben Böhmer, Tinlicker has brought their touch to Lane 8’s “Clarify,” a track that in its original form drew up a melancholy cinematic expanse, featuring moody vocals from Fractures. Set up nearly as a blank landscape with an opening for the addition of melody and complexity, Tinlicker took their opportunity seriously.

While Lane 8 might share some stylistic qualities in his music that complement Tinlicker’s own musical vision, the end result of this remix is stunning. It’s like they’ve taken centuries to build this piece brick by brick, constructing at a slow but “just right” pace. Eventually unveiling melodies that intertwine in a daydreamy, entrancing dance together, this remix poses big opportunities for Tinlicker in their future. It also continues the anticipation for the release of many more remixes from Little By Little.

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