LG aims to bolster the artistic process with new UltraWide Festival campaignLG UltraWide Alan Walker No Tet

LG aims to bolster the artistic process with new UltraWide Festival campaign

Geared towards the vast variety of today’s creative professionals, LG‘s UltraWide Monitor campaign aims to bolster the artistic process: the unsung component of the creative world, according to LG.

Multi-platinum producer Alan Walker serves as one of the faces of this year’s UltraWide Festival campaign. Walker, a longtime user of LG monitors for all his musical needs, spends countless hours composing on his UltraWide monitor. “Making music takes a lot of time and effort, not something that just happens with a snap,” he says. “It takes time but is a very fun road to go.”

Another long-time user of LG’s UltraWide is Action Movie Kid, a smash YouTube channel from Daniel Hashimoto and his son. The two spend quality time with their cameras and computer, using their “UltraWide Time” for imagination. “Every afternoon we come up with something amazing,” Hashimoto said.

In this year’s campaign, LG UltraWide Festival is focusing on the long hours and effort of passionate artists — what they call “UltraWide Time.” They encourage creators to take a short quiz, describe a moment or share a story about their creative process on their website for a chance to win prizes.

LG is a seasoned patron of working creatives, providing them with UltraWide monitors to worthy recipients through their UltraWide Academy Sponsorship. The academy also streamlines additional, state-of-the-art equipment and funding for creative spaces to students of various art, animation, and design schools internationally, including Parsons School Of Design, Royal College of Art, and Vancouver Film School, which is currently ranked No. 1 internationally for animation.

“The creative digital art is an exciting canvas for any idea you can create with the possibilities being endless,” said Vancouver Film School’s head of animation, Colin Giles. “The students will benefit from this strong partnership with LG and the LG UltraWide Monitor Academy Lab by having access to a literal canvas that removes any possible barrier to their imagination. With a wide, seamless screen that allows for a more immersive use of the software at hand and a color range that meets their own imagination their creations will jump into reality. ‘The more you see, the better you create’ has never been truer than at VFS.”

Learn more on the festival’s website and on their Instagram.

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