Lido is at it again with another new syrupy smooth single, ‘Outstanding’Lido Outstanding Single

Lido is at it again with another new syrupy smooth single, ‘Outstanding’

Lido has been slowly releasing singles since mid-summer, stoking fans’ anticipation with the lavish “3 Million” and the sublime slow burn of “Corner Love” along with a handful of tracks for Chance The Rapper earlier this year. Now the Norwegian star is back with a third track in his new era called “Outstanding.” The song fits snugly into the creative headspace the producer has been revealing, sitting perfectly alongside the previous two releases. Lido graced fans with an limited capacity acoustic EP listening party in Los Angeles on Friday night, so it’s a safe bet to anticipate a full body of work soon.

For now, it’s more than enough to just get lost in Lido’s latest offering. “Outstanding” follows close in the footsteps of “Corner Love,” never once rushed or in the hurry. The track instead shifts into high gears through layer after layer of lush chords and vocals. The artist’s voice cascades in waves over the plodding beat, at once uplifting and bittersweet. “You will be outstanding all on your own girl,” croons Lido over the syrupy synths. The song is another more minimal R&B-influenced cut that promises a fresh direction from the artist’s forthcoming EP.

Photo Credit: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

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