‘The Martin Garrix Show’ continues third season with episode two [Watch]Martin Garri Quinn Tucker Coachella G0225014

‘The Martin Garrix Show’ continues third season with episode two [Watch]

The Martin Garrix Show, now in its third season, invites fans of the electronic wunderkind to venture even further into Garrix‘s world and in the show’s newest episode, Garrix expands upon the third season’s opener in Amsterdam. The latest installment in the series follows Martin Garrix from his set at RAI Convention Center for Amsterdam Dance Event to STMPD RCRDS‘ newly established recording studios, also located in Amsterdam.

Episode two garnishes its coverage of Garrix’s ADE performance with exhilarating clips of the producer’s live setup — rigged with accenting light and LEDs, including pyrotechnic bursts, billows of smoke, and a scarlet balloon drop. “This isn’t my work, this is our work,” Garrix states at the video’s end, in a direct address to listeners that underscores the young DJ’s gratitude for the fan base that has so ardently embraced his music since he originally struck gold with “Animals” back in 2013, in addition to the extensive team of people that help make the international star’s work a reality.

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