Mielo douses Cailee Rae’s ‘It’s On You’ in dark sonic dramaIts On You Cailee Rae Miel Remi

Mielo douses Cailee Rae’s ‘It’s On You’ in dark sonic drama

Cailee Rae’s single “It’s On You” foregrounded Rae’s refined vocals with its silky guitar textures and minimal elements that accented her graceful high notes. But Mielo‘s re-imagination of the original diverts listeners’ collective attention from Rae’s voice alone, to instead divide that focus between her vocals and Mielo’s addition of entrancing melodic synth work positioned at the very beginning of the remix.

The synth melodies douse Mielo’s rework in a dark sonic drama that enmeshes elements of electronic sound with the song’s pop foundation, while simultaneously intensifying the power of Rae’s vocal. Just slightly swifter in pace than Rae’s original, Mielo’s flip is a cinematic effort that extends Mielo’s extant catalogue of rapturous remixes. This remix continues to hone in on the producer’s interest in retro elements as well, with his previous remix to Wild Fire’s “Slow Magic” taking on a more uplifting, yet retrowave, approach.

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