Must Listen: Dua Lipa strikes a cord with long-awaited Silk City collaboration, ‘Electricity’Screen Shot 2018 09 05 At 9.26.13 PM

Must Listen: Dua Lipa strikes a cord with long-awaited Silk City collaboration, ‘Electricity’

When it comes to fusing the two worlds of dance and pop music, Diplo and Mark Ronson know what’s best.

Each of their Silk City releases has built on its sultry songstress choice and rhythmic house structures with ample anticipation— see “Feel About You” for a noteworthy example. What’s more is that all of the tracks remind their listener of just how powerful the widespread accessibility and proliferation of dance music has become. With “Electricity,” the two have surmounted every one of their electrifying releases and massively multiplied its amps. Of course, the energy of the track wouldn’t be possible without the ever-rising superstar Dua Lipa‘s backing vocals. With its healthy house cords and Lipa’s vocal refrains, the three have created the amicable pop-dance crossover. It’s a track that’s poised for radio and streaming services domination alike and harkens back to the days of Diplo’s 2014 LP title — Random White Dude Be Everywhere — considering it’s a track that’ll soon be virtually inescapable.

In the track’s music video, as Diplo and Ronson are ascending in the elevator to Lipa’s loft apartment, the viewer gets the literal sense that Lipa’s lighting the way for the collaboration. The elevator’s not working and suddenly, as soon as Lipa’s vocals are heard from within, it cuts to her making her way across the loft apartment again. Diplo and Ronson are no strangers to embracing collaboration, and with “Electricity,” it seems they created the perfect song for the modern musical zeitgeist.

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