Premiere: Darren Emerson & Sian – Creep’inCreepin Darren Emerson Sian

Premiere: Darren Emerson & Sian – Creep’in

While Darren Emerson and Sian have had different paths of ascension in the dance world, one commonality is that they both gravitate toward raw, grittier productions in contemporary times. Their pairing seems natural when thinking outside the box they’re normally placed in. “Creep’in” is the result — a fitting title, given its eerie atmosphere.

Both artists’ influences are heavily embedded within the tune. As any fan of the two might guess, its anchor is a layer of scintillating percussion that immediately adds an extra flair to the finished product. Acid tones and nostalgic, housey vocal edits are piled on top, serving as the coup de grâce in promoting the “Creep’in” effect. Indeed, the effect while listening is like a dark vine wrapping around the mind and manipulating the body into movement. The joint production lands on Emerson’s Detone on September 28.

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