Robyn releases title track to forthcoming album, ‘Honey’Robyn Honey 1537987932

Robyn releases title track to forthcoming album, ‘Honey’

When the last episode of HBO’s Girls aired in April 2017, it marked the end of an era for television, but was the official start of a new journey for Robyn. The Swedish pop artist, who had not released new music since 2010 and had featured her seminal “Dancing On My Own” in an early episode, soundtracked the show’s closing credits with music that was unnamed, but recognizably hers. After confirming on social media the track’s name as “Honey,” fans patiently awaited more information on her long-awaited new music’s official release.

But the viral fervor died down as no more information on “Honey” surfaced. Nearly 18 months later, Robyn finally announced the imminent arrival of new music with the release of “MISSING U,” later revealing the album’s name will be for the song that started the new journey, Honey. After recently revealing the release’s full track list and album art, “Honey” has made its final debut. In speaking with The New York Times, she explained the reason for being for the final version of the track saying, “It’s not produced or written as a normal pop song. It is totally based on this idea of club music. When you’re listening to club music, there’s no reward. The reward isn’t, ‘Oh, here’s the chorus, here’s the lyric that makes sense.’ You have to enjoy what it is. You have to enjoy that there’s no conclusion.”

Today the track got an official first play from a seeming partner along the road to Honey, Annie Mac. As promised, it’s a dreamy, organically flowing piece of pop music that conveys an uneasy seductiveness that only Robyn can deliver.

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