RÜFÜS DU SOL release most exploratory track to date, ‘Lost In My Mind’Lost In My Mind Rufus Du Sol 1

RÜFÜS DU SOL release most exploratory track to date, ‘Lost In My Mind’

Of the recent triad of RÜFÜS DU SOL releases, the newest, “Lost In My Mind,” serves as a bold outlier, delineating itself from its atmospheric house predecessors, “Underwater” and “No Place,” out on Reprise Records.

“Lost In My Mind” uses tribal choral elements and hazy reverb to tell a downtempo tale of labored transcendence. The lyrics reveal a sense of confinement, as if lead vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist is trudging through a monotonous sea of barren landscape, only to realize he is walking in place. Epochal synth riffs soon wash over Lindqvist, imploring him to beat on.

The track suggests that good things must come in threes, as “Lost In My Mind,” the third breadcrumb on the trail to SOLACE — the Australian trio’s third album — has already garnered the support of Zane Lowe, who has secured the track for his World Record on Apple Beats 1. The SOLACE Fall Tour kicks off late October and will roll on for a solid month until near November’s end. The release date for the album itself has yet to be announced.

The album has been fashioned largely from sheer juxtaposition of the trio’s new home, the vacillating Californian terrain: a stark contrast of harsh desert and languorous coastline.

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