San Holo revs his engine on ‘forever free’ just ahead of full album dropSan Holo Forever Free 1

San Holo revs his engine on ‘forever free’ just ahead of full album drop

San Holo represents all that is airy and luminous within the electronic circuit, with indelible tracks like “Light” and “We Rise” succeeding in nestling listeners atop his effervescent cloud of sonic serenity. Simply because fans can always find Holo where the light is (John Mayer patrons, interpret as you will) doesn’t mean the Dutch producer can’t be forceful. His latest, featuring Duskus, “forever free,” is less like a lullaby and more like a house-driven journey through an enchanted wood.

Set for a September 21 release date on his self-housed bitbird label, Holo’s forthcoming album1 will include “forever free,” as well as the menagerie of other tracks he’s rolled out in anticipation for the new project. The new technicolor track turns a somehow soothingly driving kaleidoscope before the listener’s unsuspecting eye, patiently leading into the fervent chorus with wispy guitar plucks and halcyon, pitch-distorted vocal chops. “forever free” is a dance party in the trees beyond earth’s periphery.

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