Did StubHub just leak Skrillex’s next major festival booking?

Skrillex will headline Minneapolis’ Snowta Festival, hit Vancouver, as well as both editions of Decadence before 2018 is out. Momentum going into 2019 will be high, and according to StubHub, it appears the OWSLA spearhead will also be among those artists listed on Lollapalooza Argentina’s lineup, set for March 29 – 31, 2019. A Reddit user noted the international addition to Skrillex’s roster of upcoming appearances while browsing the producer’s current tour dates on StubHub. Although the festival date could be just an error, the show date conversely could be an accurate expansion of Skrillex’s tour schedule that mistakenly surfaced on StubHub prior to an official lineup announcement from Lollapalooza Argentina organizers.

The LA-based superstar’s Snowta and Decadence bookings, audio engineer Randy Urbanski’s not so subtle suggestion that new Skrillex music is underway in October, and recent speculation that Skrillex has been at work on a flip of Travis Scott‘s “Sicko Mode” collectively point to big moves in the works from Skrillex, rendering the possibility of a Lollapalooza Argentina headline billing all the more probable. For now, the Recess producer’s looming return continues to generate considerable anticipation, but as the year inches to a close, we’re betting things in Skrillex’s camp are just starting to heat up.

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