Summer never ends with Netsky and A.CHAL’s ‘Téquila Limonada’ music videoNetsky Tequila Limonada

Summer never ends with Netsky and A.CHAL’s ‘Téquila Limonada’ music video

A month after the release of his Caribbean-inspired “Téquila Limonada” collaboration with A.CHAL, Netsky has unveiled a vibrantly resplendent music video for the song.

Both the producer and his collaborator sport colorful button-ups in the music video, making their way around a lavish patio as they smoke cigars and drink Don Julio 1942 with friends. Packed full of classic cars, gorgeous women, vintage camcorders, and, of course, a hefty supply of tequila, the music video beautifully brings the breezy, lighthearted track to life. Its nostalgic visuals and grainy transitions give the music video a feel-good, retro feel — which is exactly what Netsky was going for.

“I wanted the video for this track to represent simple, happy times; friends, drinks, summer parties,” he says of the video. “It started off with the director, my friend Diego and his team, finding this incredible mid-century Spanish house in the Hollywood Hills and it all came together quite quickly from there. We invited a bunch of friends to come and have a party with us and filmed it! Gotta shout out A.CHAL for his amazing performance. Such a star. And I got to fulfill one of my dreams of playing an old vintage drum-kit in a music video.”

Netsky will be releasing more music from his upcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines project in the near future.

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