SYN transports listeners to another universe in ‘Abduction’Abduction Syn

SYN transports listeners to another universe in ‘Abduction’

Electronic music seems to breed an endless sea of anonymous producers, and there is a new one on the scene in the form of SYN. The producer popped up about seven months ago, and has since released remixes for Kill the Noise, Slipknot, along with a few originals. The latest addition to the artist’s original collection is titled “Abduction.” The dubstep tune melts into an intense psy-trance culmination, engulfing the listener in a hectic and otherworldly sonic experience. The producer has labled the track as “new rave,” and with its all-encompassing energy and biting wubs, the classification seems to hit the nail on the head.

SYN’s social media posts are all in first person, so we can deduce that the producer is a single person as opposed to a group, but little is known otherwise about the up-and-coming act.

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