Vangelis Kostoxenakis says to ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ in new EPTake Your Shirt Off Vangelis Kostoenakis

Vangelis Kostoxenakis says to ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ in new EP

One of Dirtybird‘s newest talents, Vangelis Kostoxenakis, is deep into hardware and sound design. His knack for all things synth certainly shows in his rambunctious new EP on the label, Take Your Shirt Off. It beckons listeners into a balmy summer afternoon across three tracks. In particular, its title opener is a wild number, whose repetitive vocals encouraging others to disrobe are accented by crisp drum patterns and scintillating analog notes.

Motifs set by “Take Your Shirt Off” are carried over into the rest of the record, with “Bob Is Dead” upping the energy with alarming, high-pitched synths and even punchier percussion. It’s almost as though the summery landscape painted by the EP’s beginning had ended up being taken by a brief summer storm — however, this is hardly cause to stop dancing. Finally, “Play It Loud” concludes the Take Your Shirt Off on a jubilant note. Techy accents and sparse vocals are joined by vintage synth stabs to elicit a block party-like feel, and an authentic tone.




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