Vincent bends genres in new track with Ayelle, ‘We Could’Vincent We Could

Vincent bends genres in new track with Ayelle, ‘We Could’

Canadian-based producer Vincent has made a name for himself by continuously demonstrating his mastery of trap and experimentation. After a hit release with QUIX, the producer is back with new music in the form of “We Could” featuring Ayelle. The track doesn’t feature his typical trap chords, but rather blends subtle future bass notes with soothing vocals. With soothing introductory chords that lead into heavier bass, Vincent has created a unique blend of catchy and calming, giving the track capacity to enamor in both live sets and radio play. Its uplifting qualities and stellar production make it an exceptional addition to Vincent’s discography.

Vincent is unique in that he has self-released many of his remixes and originals. For this latest release, though, the producer has decided to team up with PRMD Music.

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