Disco Killerz tackle suicide prevention in newest release ‘Beautiful Life’Disco Killerz Beautiful Life

Disco Killerz tackle suicide prevention in newest release ‘Beautiful Life’

Disco Killerz duo Matthew Danger and Uri Illuz have teamed up with esteemed vocalists Delaney Jane and Sarah Charness for new release “Beautiful Life.” The track’s title is more than an alluring catch phrase in this case because the duo have released the track especially in honor of National Suicide Prevention Day, and everything from the lyrics to the tune’s flowing soundscape embody the idea that it is indeed “a beautiful life.”
Danger sat down with Dancing Astronaut to talk all things “Beautiful Life,” and why creating the track meant so much to him.  He reflects,
“It’s not always easy to stay positive in the face of challenges we are all presented with in our lives, both personally and professionally. We know first hand that it’s all too easy to get sucked into a black hole of insecurity, anxiety, and fear of failure. National Suicide Prevention week is still fresh in mind. It’s great to see the music community coming together more recently and contributing to the ongoing awareness of mental health issues – working to remove the stigma that surrounds depression, anxiety, and addiction.”
Danger also touched on Mac Miller‘s recent passing, saying “There’s been a lot of recent tragedy, highlighted by beloved artists and entertainers taking their own lives intentionally or by accident, and this song is dedicated to everyone making an effort to improve the quality of people’s lives. Of course this is also an issue that impacts everyone in all walks of life, not just our community. Working with Sarah and Delaney on this song was amazing because they both radiate such positive energy. We hope that this song reminds everyone that at its heart, life is indeed beautiful, and we all need to work to make sure it stays that way.”
Listeners looking for an uplifting listen will surely be engulfed with the positivity Danger touches upon. Disco Killerz “Beautiful Life” is out now on Enhanced Music.

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