Whethan locks listeners in on his ‘Radar’ with endearing new trackWhethan Radar 1

Whethan locks listeners in on his ‘Radar’ with endearing new track

EDM boy wonder, Whethan, is at again. The 19-year-old is capping off a rich season of releases and touring with one last memento: “Radar,” featuring like-minded British duo, HONNE.

The genre-irreverent track is comprised of Whethan’s edifying nature and unfettered light in high supply. As the vocals tell a story of a lofty, enduring love, the production complements the sentiment, with whimsical piano and funked-out bass guitar plucks. A mass of flutters, stutters, and chirps permeate throughout the shimmery track, adding that categorical nuance which puts Whethan so resolutely in a league all his own.

At 19, Whethan has achieved success most producers spend lifetimes lusting after. His sound is deeply inspired by the rippling, feel-good accents of Louis The Child, who also happen to double as his best friends.

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