Wuki releases old-school hip-hop-inspired heater, ‘Go Deep’Wuki Go Deep

Wuki releases old-school hip-hop-inspired heater, ‘Go Deep’

Wuki has released “Go Deep,” featuring the bouncing rap stylings of New Orleans born and bred, Nicky Da B, who passed away in 2014. The single released from Spinnin’ Records has an old-school hip-hop bounce, combined with speedy percussion that falls into a bed of sub bass serenaded with a catchy bassline. On the second hook, cascading synths drip amidst house rhythms in an uptempo club atmosphere. With punchy kicks and crisp hi-hats, this project further thrusts Wuki into a category of his own within a space of bass, house and dance music.

Combining so many elements of electronic and hip-hop music created a bit of a dilemma for the WUKILEAKS creator. He went to Twitter to ask his fans what they’d call this genre, simply categorizing it as “dance” on SoundCloud.

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