Zedd unleashes ‘Happy Now’ remix packZedd Press Photo

Zedd unleashes ‘Happy Now’ remix pack

The “Happy Now” remix pack is no longer “a world away,” but rather now available on all major streaming platforms, and bedecked with five different versions of Zedd and Elley Duhé‘s dulcet dance-pop crossover. Marc Benjamin, BEAUZ, Duke & Jones, MXXWLL, and Magnificence submit variant reworks of “Happy Now” that collectively cruise the full length of the electronic spectrum.

Whereas Marc Benjamin puts forth a trap-leaning revamp that lends a gritty edge absent in the original, MXXWLL drops off a downtempo melodious re-imagination that salvages bits and pieces of “Happy Now” and swaps out others for low-pitched breakdowns reminiscent of R&B style. Magnificence delivers a high-octane, electro-inspired adaptation well suited for inclusion in one of Zedd’s live sets. BEAUZ and Duke & Jones meanwhile offer modest edits that only further expand the sonic diversity of “Happy Now.”

The brand new slew of remixes follows Zedd and Duhé’s release of an acoustic version of the hit collaboration.

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