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18 things we learned from Dillon Francis’ ‘WUT WUT’ album Q&A

Dillon Francis hosted a Q&A on the eve of his album release moderated by Kyle Anderson. The relatable producer has no problem sitting down for an hour and talking to whoever is on the other side. Below are 18 things learned from the hour-long Q&A about his new album, Wut Wut.

1) Francis shares the story of how he met Gerald.

2) His manager would send his beats to Toy Selectah, who would send to other artists to get them interested in a collaboration for the album.

3) He went in the studio with every collaborator off Wut Wut, which is rare for him and other artists who simply send instrumentals and have the vocalist add their vocals on top.

4) The Arcangel collaboration happened spontaneously while in the Dominican Republic. Both were coincidentally there at the same time, they met at a hotel, drank beers, Arcangel brought his friend, Quimico, over who jumped in on the song.

5) His high school Spanish teacher is Mrs. Hill.

6) Francis sends music to is his manager, Diplo, and Calvin Harris for approval.

7) He witnessed Diplo crying when the Phillies lost one time.

8) “White Boi,” off the album, was made in one day.

9) Residente was Francis’ favorite artist to work with off the album, and there are 25 versions of “Sexo.” They got nominated for a Latin Grammy for this song.

10) Francis went crazy deciding about “Cuando’s” 808.

11) Francis tried to M. Night Shyamalan viewers on the music video for “White Boi,” but he didn’t think Colombia Records would approve.

12) He wants to get more into acting, and is still looking for a home for his Like and Subscribe show that previously aired on go90.

13) He doesn’t ever vacation.

14) Francis’ favorite quesadilla from La Casa de Toño is the chicken quesadilla with cheese on the side. They don’t put cheese in their quesadillas in Mexico City. He want’s to bring La Casa de Toño to LA because he loves their sopes.

15) Brandon Urie and Francis are definitely making another song together in the future.

16) Francis’ Mount Rushmore of collaborators are J. Balvin and Bad Bunny.

17) Francis and Alison Wonderland are making an angry because Croatia lost the World Cup.

18) He has a song with Boombox Cartel, another song with Lao Ra, and maybe Louis the Child coming out in the near future…

Watch the entire Q&A:

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