Armin van Buuren releases ‘Wild Wild Son,’ says it’s one of his ‘proudest creations’AVB WWS Press Shot

Armin van Buuren releases ‘Wild Wild Son,’ says it’s one of his ‘proudest creations’

Armin van Buuren has dedicated the past few years to musical experimentation, shifting away from trance-focused releases to put out an array of commercial and progressive tracks. This has broadened his reach and impact as a producer, while also showcasing the diversity of what he’s able to create. The experimentation is not over, as is showcased by newest song “Wild Wild Son,” which sounds unlike anything van Buuren has put out before.

The emotive track could find a home during a melancholy movie scene thanks to Sam Martin‘s heartfelt vocals. The Dutch producer spoke on the track in an official release, saying, “Many people ask me what songs of mine I’m most proud of. All tracks are my babies, but some tracks I just have more of a connection with, simply because of the time I spent on it or the emotion attached to it. In this case, ‘Wild Wild Son’ is about Sam Martin’s (then unborn) son. I fell so much in love with the song because I recognize the love I feel for my own son. I also really went the extra mile with the production, recording real drums (Koen) and real strings. It was almost a year in the making. It’s a little different from my previous work and a big step for me personally.”

While all of van Buuren’s releases have their own unique flair, it’s easy to imagine the exceptional amount of care and work that went into “Wild Wild Son” upon the first listen. The track is out now via Armada Music.

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