Armin van Buuren turns ‘Wild Wild Son’ into a dance floor filler in new club mixArmin Van Buuren Bbc1 Radio

Armin van Buuren turns ‘Wild Wild Son’ into a dance floor filler in new club mix

Club mixes are the vivacious sonic sisters of the original songs that initially attract listeners, and the club mix of Armin van Buuren and Sam Martin‘s collaboration, “Wild Wild Son,” is no exception. The piano-driven original resembles a ballad in its slow-paced intro that gradually mounts, but ever attuned to the trappings of a dance floor filler, van Buuren swaps out the elegant piano opener for an accelerated BPM and hits of low-seated synth work. Van Buuren’s early alterations prime the club mix for evening rotation, and the trance pioneer of course only amplifies the version’s effervescence as the track progresses. Metallic synths provide a tonal contrast as the club mix builds.

Armin van Buuren stated that “Wild Wild Son” was one of the productions that he was most “proud” of when the song made its debut on Armada Music in mid-October. “Many people ask me what songs of mine I’m most proud of. All tracks are my babies, but some tracks I just have more of a connection with, simply because of the time I spent on it or the emotion attached to it. In this case, ‘Wild Wild Son’ is about Sam Martin’s (then unborn) son,” van Buuren said at the time. “I fell so much in love with the song because I recognize the love I feel for my own son. I also really went the extra mile with the production, recording real drums (Koen) and real strings. It was almost a year in the making. It’s a little different from my previous work and a big step for me personally.”

Van Buuren’s release of a “Wild Wild Son” club mix so soon after the original’s arrival seems only to further testify just how much van Buuren enjoyed working on the single — so much so, that he was quick to sonically re-envision the tune.

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