Cray soothes with new release ‘Fractions’Fractions Cray

Cray soothes with new release ‘Fractions’

Cheney Ray is an artist who seems to “do it all.” Better known as Cray in the music world, the Canadian born gamer, producer, DJ, and vocalist is back with a new piece titled “Fractions.” She has also released an accompanying music video that as enamoring as the song itself.

“Fractions” features Ray’s smooth vocals and a downtempo backdrop that work together to manifest a relaxing framework. It is perfect for someone needing a moment of respite and calm, and it is a welcome addition to her growing collection of releases. Those who follow Ray on social media know that she has been touting a new hair style, with half of her hair dyed Brunette and the other half dyed Blonde. The video is a juxtaposition of her two sides, showing off her multifaceted nature in and out of the studio.


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