Damon Steele – Zero PointDamon Steele Zero Point

Damon Steele – Zero Point

A piece of house and electronica’s future is residing within the LA underground. His name is Damon Steele, and through cutting his teeth on the DJ circuit and developing his sonic palette, has emerged as an act promising originality for the next generation. As he prepares to let his debut album loose unto the masses, he’s prepared aficionados with an informative taste of what’s to come across some choice singles.

“Zero Point” arrives as the latest, and it appears to be designed to promote maximum euphoria among listeners. Its disco and funk-driven elements — from its infectious guitar riffs and twinkling arpeggios — immediately evoke a sense of nostalgia that carries through until the final note. Steele wraps this sentimental package inside a modern physique, giving the single a sense of timelessness. Given the fact that “Zero Point” is already quite a stretch from Steele’s previous single “Shaded,” we’re given a look at a diverse album that shows his refusal to be boxed into any one category.



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