Ex-Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius, finally speaks out about the split in new interviewDash Berlin

Ex-Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius, finally speaks out about the split in new interview

If nothing else, 2018 has brought to light the tremendous impact touring and spotlight can have on both mental and physical health. Longtime Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius is the latest to join a stream of artists who decided they needed to step away from the intensity of touring in order to heal–away from a dizzying, demanding schedule. Physical pain accompanied mental burnout for the legendary artist, but his healing process has helped illuminate deep-seeded issues within the group and its management.

Many fans have been left wondering what was really going on behind the scenes of the Dash Berlin split–which has led Sutorius to sit down with DJ Mag in efforts to shed light on the ins and outs of his struggles and prevailing resolve over the course of the year.

According to Sutorius, as he was taking time off, he faced fierce pressure from management and Dash Berlin members Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn to get back on the road. In June of 2018, Sutorius announced he would be embarking on a solo project, citing “mismanagement.” He was then forced to start producing under his own name, as Kalberg, Molijn, and his management claimed official ownership of the Dash Berlin moniker.

Suturius accredits his inability to voice his concerns until now to his former partners allegedly silencing him by way of locking him out of Dash Berlin social media platforms:

I’ve always been open as who I am and how I feel. Not only as an artist but also as a human being. That is why it broke my heart when Eelke and Sebastiaan cut me off from my social media channels last June and that I could not share my feelings with the fans.

Sutorius also notes his latent understanding as to why his ex-colleagues would register the auspicious Dash Berlin masthead exclusively under their own names:

I have continuously asked questions regarding the financial matters of Dash Berlin, which are still unclear to me. All that time, I have not gotten facts nor answers. Eelke, Sebastiaan and Van der Kleij still are refusing to provide documents and information, and are forcing me to take them to court.

Ultimately, Sutorius shares he is convinced Eelke and Sebastiaan harbored ulterior motives from the very beginning of their partnership:

I believe they have never intended in sharing Dash Berlin with me. They even tried to portrayed me as an act that they invented, and that I was merely a puppet on a string that they could easily replace.

Read the full interview here.

via: DJ Mag

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