The Glitch Mob unveil new documentary, ‘Behind The Blade 2.0’The Glitch Mob 1 1

The Glitch Mob unveil new documentary, ‘Behind The Blade 2.0’


Relentless sonic experimenters of The Glitch Mob have released a new mini documentary, The Glitch Mob: Behind The Blade 2.0, with the help of collaborators, Alienware, in attempts to shed light on their unique processes and artistic mission statement.

The seven-minute feature traces the band’s enduring efforts to travel a less-trodden musical pathway and discover original ways to advance their narrative. One way The Glitch Mob—who is known for their unfettered ability to blend live instrumentation and intricate electronic production—says they have achieved this one-of-a-kind sonic status is through innovations like Blade 2.0: an unparalleled instrument of the group’s own creation that delivers a categorically immersive live experience in ways such as “creating a visual companion piece with each track.”

The group uses the documentary ultimately to emphasize their intentions to bring people together in a time when “people are more divided than ever,” noting their sheer awe of the unifying effect music can have on people.

“In a day in age when everything is about hit singles and pumping out content, we still believe in the album to tell the deeper and more enriched story,” they said. “Good stories have no expiration date, and that is where we have continued to put our focus.”


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