Insomniac announces video game-themed music festival, PLAYInsomniac Play Festival

Insomniac announces video game-themed music festival, PLAY

Year after year, festivals around the world increase their attractions more and more. The majority of the world’s biggest festivals don’t just offer music performances — they’re also at the forefront of entertainment, art, and cultural events. Looking to widen their scope even further is Insomniac, who just announced their inaugural interactive music and gaming experience: PLAY Festival.

Debuting in 2019, the festival’s founders promise “a slew of vibrant, immersive and exclusive experiences through multidimensional arenas that will allow fans to test their skills and challenge others in several gaming and arcade realms.” In their announcement, they revealed that some of the industry’s biggest names in hip-hop and dance music will serve as a “backdrop” for the attendees (“Players”) while they move from place to place throughout the festival. The event will also feature gaming competitions from top eSports gamers, musicians, and athletes.

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella notes the similarities between the gaming and dance communities, citing their “inclusive nature” and “passion for total creative immersion.”

“PLAY Festival is an opportunity to connect these two colorful worlds and build an event that’s exciting, authentic, and inspires a new generation of fans,” he says in the festival’s announcement.

While no official date or location for the festival has been revealed yet, those interested can learn more on Insomniac’s site and follow the festival’s social media accounts to stay up to date.

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