josh pan releases subtle new track, ‘VOOM’Josh Pan Photo Credit Julian Cassady 1

josh pan releases subtle new track, ‘VOOM’

Subtlety has always been a virtue for josh pan. Starting out his career under full-shrouded mystery, he has built a following releasing music that follows no rules, except the expectation of quality under any circumstance. His latest is a perfect example of such diligence, as the producer continues to flesh out his style in 2018. “VOOM” is his first original release of the year, seemingly long-awaited after he teased its arrival over social media.

Veering away from his harder bass sounds of the past, “VOOM” sees josh pan enter a new era with stripped down production that focuses on a few key elements that on their own are compelling, but together, are mesmerizing. Keeping hip-hop an ever-constant in his music inspiration, josh pan’s work on “VOOM” is precise as ever for an artist known for perfection.