Kaskade surprises with release of radiant ODESZA remixKaskade Live Credit Rukes

Kaskade surprises with release of radiant ODESZA remix

An unrestrained rawness of expression and an accompanying uplifting sentimentality likens some of the staples of ODESZA and Kaskade‘s respective catalogs. Despite the poignant emotionality that pervades both artists’ music, both ODESZA and Kaskade succeed in their shared ability to sheathe even the most achingly confessional production in optimism. Fans of the electronic titans need look no further for an example than Kaskade’s newly released remix of “Falls,” a constituent of ODESZA’s 2017 album, A Moment Apart. Kaskade listeners will recognize the featured vocals as those belonging to none other than Sasha Sloan, memorable for her work on Kaskade’s 2015 Automatic inclusion, “Phoenix.”

Kaskade’s take on the A Moment Apart track listing initially surfaced in several live Kaskade sets, but now gains a full-fledged, mastered release. Kaskade makes minimal but impactful alterations to ODESZA’s evocative original, beginning with the isolation of Sloan’s vocal during the remix’s first few seconds. Whereas ODESZA opt for a melodic breakdown that melds and twists harmonized vocal cuts, Kaskade leans in a more ascendant direction. Kaskade follows the climbing soprano bent of Sloan’s vocal at the song’s hook with mounting synth work that extends the hook’s higher pitch, making for a resplendent re-envisioning of ODESZA’s track.

Photo credit: Rukes

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