Martin Garrix continues release streak with ‘Access’Access Martin Garri

Martin Garrix continues release streak with ‘Access’

Something seems to be brewing in the Martin Garrix world. The EDM wunderkind has been on an ambitious release streak, putting out three new singles in the span of a week while also teasing something mysterious on his website. No word as to what exactly he has planned — be it an upcoming EP, or an album — however, Garrix is continuing his ongoing roll with a fourth single.

“Access” is a particularly special one to fans, having been played out initially as a sought-after ID under the name of “Chinatown.” Name change aside, the track’s makeup remains the same as what had initially caught attention in the first place, catalyzing a euphoric rush in its listeners with its light, easygoing synthwork and nostalgic riffs that feel like a warm breeze on a sunny day. Whatever Garrix has planned, it seems like quite the venture, and followers are anxiously awaiting to see the final product.


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