Martin Garrix has ‘a lot of new music’ on the wayMartin Garri Ultra

Martin Garrix has ‘a lot of new music’ on the way

When it comes to music production, Martin Garrix knows only the accelerator—brakes be damned. Eponymous star of The Martin Garrix Show, the wunderkind DJ confirmed through Twitter that he has a “lot of new music” poised for release.

Per the tweet, the trajectory of his new material will first include “a bunch of MG music,” followed by “some area21 ideas” that currently remain works in progress. Area21 is Garrix’s two-part alias, comprised of the 22-year-old producer and Maejor. Garrix and Maejor have released a slew of singles to date under their Area21 moniker, including 2018’s “Happy.”

2018 has proven to be a particularly industrious year for Garrix, who has put out a series of standalone singles over the course of the year, published several successive installments of The Martin Garrix Show (now in its third season), and has recently partnered with AXE to develop the brand’s newly founded music platform, AXE Music. Garrix enthusiasts can shorten their wait for the producer’s next release with episode five of The Martin Garrix Show, available here.

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