Mercer nods at old school dancehall in retro chic ‘Studio 54’Mercer 1

Mercer nods at old school dancehall in retro chic ‘Studio 54’

French house mastermind, Mercer, has crafted his latest dance-centric concoction in efforts to pay homage to the iconic New York nightclub-turned-Broadway-theater, Studio 54. The club, located in Midtown Manhattan, stood in its heyday as a beacon of the lush ’70s disco epoch that revolutionized the dance music scene at large forever.

“Studio 54” encapsulates this highly hedonistic time period with its sensational, violin-heavy instrumentation and plucky bass loops, accompanied, of course, with the four on the floor time signature which house music and disco notoriously reciprocate. Mercer is known for combining the “old school” with the “new school,” in other words, bringing his knowledge of the French Touch era (the Euro equivalent of disco) in forging his modernized, feel-good “neo-disco” club hits.

Mercer molded an advantageous place for himself in dance music with his decadently dancey sound and auspicious, longtime affiliates, such as Tchami, Malaa, and DJ Snake, with whom he formed the legendary Pardon My French collective in 2015 in the name of advancing the French house emblem.

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