Moby to sell 200 of his drum machines to raise money for charityMoby 2014

Moby to sell 200 of his drum machines to raise money for charity

Moby fans will have an unprecedented opportunity to get their hands on instruments from the musician’s very own private collection, and to do some good in the process. Moby will part ways with 200 drum machines from his own collection in an effort to raise money for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The machines will be sold on online marketplace,, and 100% of the proceeds will be directed to the Physicians Committee, a non-profit research organization dedicated to a “higher standard of ethics and effectiveness in research.”

Moby’s inventory includes several vintage pieces, like a Roland 909 that the “Natural Blues” producer bought in the early 1990s at New York’s Rouge Music store. Two Chamberlin Rythmate drum machines are also among the handful of equipment that will be sold. Only ten of the Chamberlin Rythmate machines were manufactured under Harry Chamberlin in 1949. Moby previously partnered with Reverb earlier in the year to sell off 100 studio and tour equipment pieces, in addition to his entire record collection.

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