Moog to release first polysynth in 30+ years, the Moog OneMoog One

Moog to release first polysynth in 30+ years, the Moog One

Moog looks to close a 30-year gap in its polyphonic synthesizer release history via the introduction of Moog One, a new model that will make its market debut in two separate eight- and 16-voice versions. Moog One will offer purchasers use of three different VCOs, and will additionally enable musicians to engage three synths at once to split, stack, and layer the synths across Moog One’s 61-key Fatar keyboard. The Moog One is similar to Moog’s 2015 Voyager in that the Moog One will also include a pressure sensitive X/Y pad, CV ins and outs, and gate signals.

The Moog One will mark Moog’s return to polyphonic instrument production. After releasing the Voyager in 2015, Moog manufactured a series of semi-modular synths, including the DFAM and the Grandmother.¬†Although Moog One has yet to announce an official arrival date for the polysynth, the eight-voice version will retail for $5,999, while the 16-voice edition will sell for $7,999.

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