Noisestorm vamps up the intensity in thunderous new release ‘Breakout’Noisestorm Press Pic

Noisestorm vamps up the intensity in thunderous new release ‘Breakout’

Classically trained musician-turned-electronic-artist, Noisestorm has released his newest track “Breakout” featuring omnipresent electronic dub/hip-hop faction, Foreign Beggars. The release is out now on the esteemed, Canadian Monstercat. Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Noisestorm was trained in classical piano and flute, which ended up being a blessing in disguise as it served as a catalyst for his love of production. Those skills have since launched him into dance music notoriety–his productions speaking for themselves with their crossover hip hop/electronic appeal.

Noisestorm owes much of his success to Monstercat itself, which provided him with a permanent platform since answering an email from the label in 2011. “Breakout” juxtaposes the Beggars intense rapping with high-pitched synths and steep drops. The track is not for the faint of heart, and is best featured during a set when the artist is looking to wrangle a crowd that’s hungry for raw intensity.

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