Printworks London attendee breaks pipe doing chin ups, causes venue to floodPrintworks Artist Rendition

Printworks London attendee breaks pipe doing chin ups, causes venue to flood

Alexa, play “Pipe It Up” by Migos. Attendees of Printworks London’s Solid Grooves event on October 14 sought to stem off the “Sunday scaries” by breaking it down to beats spun by a number of underground’s heaviest hitters, including FISHER, Route 94, and Steve Lawler. Unfortunately, one Solid Grooves goer would execute the ultimate party foul in breaking down not dance moves, but an internal water pipe. Evidently motivated by a ruthless determination to get in a last-minute pump by any means necessary — and at the same time materializing as a perfectly apt exemplification of the phrase “odd flex but okay” — the ticket holder responsible for the pipe’s breakage reportedly caused the damage while using the pipe to do chin ups. To borrow the titular terminology of FISHER’s most recent single, it’s certainly safe to say that this attendee was “Losing It” — a reality that likewise became apparent to other Solid Grooves participants as the pipe promptly broke, causing water “to come into the venue,” according to Printworks London’s official statement regarding the incident.

As the statement conveys, Printworks London managers will now focus their attention on the ensuing and “necessary repair work,” which will be “completed shortly.” Although Printworks London did not specify whether they would issue partial or full refunds to those who purchased tickets to October 14’s iteration of Solid Grooves, the venue did note that the buyers “who were affected by Sunday’s incident will be contacted by email in due course.” It’s currently unclear whether Printworks London knows the identity of the pipe breaking perpetrator, and will follow with disciplinary action.

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