Rinzen releases cinematic new single, ‘Temple’Rinzen Press Shot 2017 1

Rinzen releases cinematic new single, ‘Temple’

Mau5trap veteran and Chapter 24 signee Rinzen is known for pairing his heavy sound with touches of cinematic beauty, from his dark collaboration with Monstergetdown to his indie leaning remix of Kidnap‘s “Skin.” Back with a single for Chapter 24’s new compilation, Rinzen has now released “Temple.”

Pairing with violinist Allesandra Veger, the LA-based producer adds a gentle, analog feel to the track while maintaining a solid groove. An ever-present vocal sample creates a steady pace as engaging melodies work their way into the track, breaking only for a vivid solo on the violin. Building tension as the calm before the storm, the song moves right back into it’s textured soundscape. Reminiscent of artists like Yotto, Rinzen once again shows his finesse for combining big sounds with gentle touches, and he’s only moving forward from there.

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