Steve Aoki becomes first modern EDM artist to be featured in the SmithsonianJet Steve Aoki Dancing Atro

Steve Aoki becomes first modern EDM artist to be featured in the Smithsonian

Spanning 17 museums and galleries in Washington, DC, the Smithsonian is the epicenter of the nation’s history, with collections and exhibitions ranging in focus from the origins of mankind vis-a-vis the Natural History Museum, to space travel at the Air and Space Museum.  Steve Aoki‘s CDJs and mixer, nowon display in the Ray Dolby Gateway to American Culture wing of the Smithsonian Museum, is the newest contemporary piece of history among the various artifacts and multimedia displays that pay homage to America’s cultural legacy. Aoki’s donated pre-owned 2009 edition CDJ-2000s, 2008 DJM-800 mixer, and RANE SL3 comprise the first digital DJ pieces of the Smithsonian’s turntable and DJ technology focused collection.

“Like [Bob] Casey and Grandmaster Flash before him [two DJs previously honored in the Smithsonian], Aoki uses his DJ equipment as his instruments–but unlike his predecessors, the musical experience that he creates is digital,” the Smithsonian stated in a blog post detailing Aoki’s addition to the museum record. Aoki is notably the first modern EDM act to be honored in the Smithsonian.

Look mom 👀 I made it into the @smithsonian 😱 what an absolute honor. Come find me this weekend if you’re there!

— Jaleo Aoki (@steveaoki) October 20, 2018

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