Ticketfly incident sees Eventbrite facing class action lawsuitTicketfly

Ticketfly incident sees Eventbrite facing class action lawsuit

Ticketing platform Eventbrite is facing a class action law suit in response to a data breach that happened in May for it subsidiary,¬†Ticketfly. The “cyber incident,” as the company calls it, exposed private personal data from its 27 million users, with the suit claiming that the breach was a product of the company’s deficient protocol to both protect user data and to seek out possible security threats.

But while Ticketfly announced the news on its blog, the company did not contact individual users to notify them of the incident. Users in the suit cite everything from identity theft to bank fraud as direct effects of the breach, where Billboard reports that “personal information, including their names, home and business addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords” were compromised. While it has not been made public what the damages are being sought, it is public that the suit is filed in¬†Illinois’ Cook County Superior Court.

H/T: Billboard

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