DJ Snake and company deliver on highly anticipated ‘Taki Taki’ music videoSelena Cardi Ozuna Dj Snake Taki Taki Video E1549470177970

DJ Snake and company deliver on highly anticipated ‘Taki Taki’ music video

Few tracks have the ability to take over hip-hop, latin music, electronic music and pop radio waves alike. Unsurprisingly though, star-studded collaboration “Taki Taki” produced by DJ Snake featuring Ozuna, Cardi B, and Selena Gomez has done just that. The release has surpassed over 47 million streams on Spotify alone in the first two weeks it has been out, and that number is only going to continue increasing with the drop of the track’s hotly anticipated music video. The video was premiered at the American Music Awards, and all four artists play a major role in the video.

The visuals are clouded in black and red with a dark and sexy motif, panning in on Ozuna under a pile of scantily clad women. He and Snake pan in and out of the picture until Cardi B erupts into focus. The video’s theme stays dark until Selena Gomez takes the later part of the video away, dancing is a bright forest with DJ Snake in the background. The video has no shortage of visual appeal packing in four dynamic artists and intricate set fixtures to amp up what is already the biggest song in the world right now.

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